Tree Trimming Services

Kozar Tree Werks is a non-traditional tree service company focusing on tree removal and fire mitigation. Because of this we do not normally offer traditional tree pruning services such as cosmetic or annual decorative tree pruning. We offer tree trimming mostly in support of tree health, home safety, fuel reduction and forest health.


Residents in Colorado’s front range are very familiar with the abundance of dead branches on neglected native trees. Ponderosa Trees in particular are famous for large dead limbs in the lower parts of their canopy. Kozar Tree Werks provides deadwooding services for all species of native trees. In some cases, removing large dead limbs can be quite dangerous and extremely difficult. We can employ the use of high reach equipment and rigging to safely remove high risk dead limbs. Disposal of dead limbs is subject to the needs of the customer and can be left onsite for firewood.

Home Hazard Limb Removal

Many times, tree pruning involves removing large hazardous tree limbs above building structures or sensitive areas such as driveways, roadways or play areas. Kozar Tree Werks can employ various means to remove dangerous limbs from your trees and dispose of as requested. High reach equipment is the most common means to safely control the removal of large hazardous limbs. My using high reach equipment, Kozar Tree Werks can gradually remove sections of hazardous limbs and prevent damage to landscape and structures below.

Wildfire Defensible Space

A majority of Kozar Tree Werk’s trimming activities are in support of Wildfire Defensible Space requirements. In the intermediate and extended zones of your homes defensible space, Kozar Tree Werks can limb up trees to meet appropriate standards of height above the ground. Additionally we can help you assess weather tree crown spacing is adequate during trimming efforts, and if necessary suggest and remove trees altogether. As will all limb removal activities, Kozar Tree Werks can completely remove all debris off-site or leave on-site for homeowner to use as firewood, the choice is yours.

Storm Cleanup

Unfortunately, sometimes mother nature decides what trees or limbs come down. Sustained windstorms in Colorado’s front range can easily break large branches or even knock down trees causing impediments to traffic flow and even damage to personal property. Heavy snow and ice storms can present even more dangerous conditions and lead to broken limbs and damaged trees. Kozar Tree Werks can help remove storm damage from your property and haul off debris for off-site disposal.

Slash Removal

In some cases, homeowners might want to do their own tree limb removal. We love seeing homeowners manage their own property. When you are done with your work give us a call. Kozar Tree Werks can easily mobilize on-site and chip your slash pile as required.

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