Tree Thinning Services

Tree thinning is a result of many different requirements in residential and large vacant land management. Kozar Tree Werks can help determine the best approach to tree thinning that keeps your trees safe and healthy as well as addresses your different thinning needs.

Site Lines

There is nothing wrong with thinning a stand of trees to enhance your view. A picturesque view of a local mountain range through a window in your trees can mean the difference between feeling confined among your trees and having a personal view of your beautiful surroundings. Sometimes tree thinning might even be necessary for security, enabling you to have a clear view of your property and different access points. Kozar Tree Werks can work with home and landowners to assess and determine best approach to selective thinning of trees on your property to enable not only a beautiful view but also to help you feel safe and secure on your own property.

Wildfire Defensible Space

Tree thinning is also result of supporting Wildfire Defensible Space strategies on your property. In the extended zone, where shaded fuel breaks represent the bulk of tree thinning activities, Kozar Tree Werks can help you assess the proper approach and management of your trees while adhering to Wildfire Defensible Space standards. I many cases tree stands are healthy a thinning activities are not a major impact to the health of remaining trees. Sometimes however, in heavily wooded lots, Defensible Space standards might require removal of too many trees in an area and cause remaining trees to be exposed to dangerous windthrow, a condition where remaining trees at the edge of a previously crowded stand are not strong enough to withstand the sheer forces of wind storms and need a full season to grow stronger. In these cases, Kozar Tree Werks can recognize this condition and recommend different strategies to tree thinning that will satisfy both Defensible Space requirements and maintain the survivability of remaining trees.

Safe Access

One of the most underestimated aspects of tree thinning in support of Defensible Space is safe access. Your family, friends and first responders such as fire fighters need a safe way to enter and exit your property during a wildfire or even a major storm. Driveways and other access roads should have trees thinned back on either side according to Wildfire Defensible Space standards. Kozar Tree Werks can work with you to assess your home access routes and determine responsible tree thinning in those areas.

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