Tree Removal Services

Kozar Tree Werks has over 40 years of forestry management and tree removal experience in Colorado’s mountain communities. We work closely with residential homeowners and land owners to assess the needs of tree removal as a part of our free estimates.

Small Quantity Residential Tree Removal

We can remove a single, large tree adjacent to your home or address a perimeter around the house, such as that necessary to support Defensible Space Wildfire Mitigation in immediate to intermediate zones. If your trees are close to your home and present a high-risk removal situation, Kozar Tree Werks may incorporate high reach equipment to safely remove your tree without damage to your property and surrounding landscape. In situations where there is plenty of room to work, we will remove a tree using traditional means of felling, limbing and bucking on-site.

Large Quantity Residential Tree Removal

If your home or lot require a significant amount of trees to remove, such as that to support Defensible Space Wildfire Mitigation in extended zones, property clearing for building, or simply enhanced scenery, Kozar Tree Werks can recommend the best approach possible. In some cases, depending on the species and density of trees, we might recommend a multi-year approach to gradually remove trees and maintain health, diversity and wind-throw protection of remaining trees.

Large Quantity Vacant Land Tree Removal

Kozar Tree Werks has decades of experience helping federal, municipal and private land owners with forestry management in large vacant lands. We can help you establish a Forestry Management and lot access plan as necessary. Kozar Tree Werks can work on your behalf to both cut and remove timber according to your plans, and also interface with government agencies during reviews and inspections. We are uniquely setup with equipment to help us work in hard to reach areas with difficult topography. Kozar Tree Werks can cut and process all timber on-site or remove to a staging location depending on the landowner needs.

Removed Fuel Options

Kozar Tree Werks can process removed fuel in a variety of ways to accommodate each property and owner needs. We can keep all tree byproducts on site by broadcast chipping slash on-site and bucking timber to be stacked for later use as firewood. If property owners require complete removal of byproducts, Kozar Tree Werks can haul off every bit of limbs and trunks.

Stump Removal

Kozar Tree Werks can take care of stumps left behind from tree removal. For more information on stump removal, please read our Stump Removal Page.

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