Tree Management Services

Tree management is a simple concept that involves consideration of the trees, their surroundings and their future. In most cases responsible tree service involves a multi-year approach versus a one-time activity. Our forest and the trees within are a living organism reliant on us to live amongst them without causing lasting damage. Inappropriate thinning can expose trees to dangerous windthrow or leave a forest vulnerable to decimation caused by species specific diseases. Incorrect trimming can damage trees beyond recovery and lead to tree loss and possibly property damage. Excessive broadcast chipping can blanket understory and choke out precious green vegetation that supports wildlife and hinders the spread of groundfires.

These are only examples of how our actions can drastically affect the future of our trees and their surroundings. Kozar Tree Werks does not simply cut limbs and remove trees. We partner with you to keep our forests safe and sustainable by providing you with the information to understand how best to approach each tree care activity.

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