Tree Services

Kozar Tree Werks has over 40 years of forestry management experience in Colorado’s mountain communities working closely with residential and vacant land owners to assess their trees and develop a management strategy that works for both trees and owners. We do not approach tree service lightly. We care about the communities we serve and their trees, therefore we take the time to educate customers on the safest approach to each tree service need and collectively decide strategies that work.


Tree removal is less about the tree being removed and more about the remaining trees, landscape and structures.  Kozar Tree Werks will never recommend a strategy that doesn’t put the health of remaining trees and surrounding vegetation at top priority


Tree thinning is the most important activity to manage wildfire fuel reduction and forest health, yet it can be the most difficult for homeowners given the stigma of removing beautiful trees and privacy barriers.  Kozar Tree Werks can work with homeowners to understand the best balanced approach to tree thinning to satisfy wildfire protection standards and homeowner needs.


Tree clearing is an activity of necessity that requires speed and care.  Kozar Tree Werks understand the impact tree clearing has on remaining trees, especially on the new perimeters.  We can help develop a sustainable approach to clearing that ensure survivability of remaining trees.


Tree trimming means caring for the tree by removing selective limbs that either pose a risk to the tree itself or its surroundings.  Kozar Tree Werks understands how to trim trees safely and responsibly and maintain the health and survivability of the tree and its surroundings.


Tree management involves a holistic approach to tree care on residential property or large vacant lands.  As with tree removal, tree management is more about the trees remaining than the trees removed.  Poor management of tree service activities with a focus on future health of existing trees can lead to disastrous results including loss of remaining trees, damage to property, and personal injury or even death.  Kozar Tree Werks understand the big picture when it comes to trees and the forest they inhabit.  We are here to ensure the future of our trees and the safety of our homes.