Slash Removal and Chipping Services

Kozar Tree Werks enjoys helping homeowners work on their own property. We appreciate homeowners that are energetic and passionate enough to manage the trees on their own property but also understand there is a limit to energy and means to completely remove trees, especially slash. We have a variety of ways we can engage with homeowners and either take on the task completely or share the workload.

On-site Broadcast Chipping

On-site Broadcast Chipping

Unlike traditional chipping setups, Kozar Tree Werks has equipment that can mobilize directly onto your property, adjacent to a slash piles, even in steep and difficult to access terrain. If broadcast chipping on-site is an option, no need to drag piles to the roadside, we can come to your piles. Depending on your tree slash activities, we can even drive your work area and chip as we go. Chipping versatility in remote locations is a specialty of Kozar Tree Werks and enables us
to tailor slash chipping to homeowner needs.

Lop and Scatter

A creative way to managing a large volume of tree cutting slash is to lop and scatter branches of certain minimal size across forested land. Lop and scatter is a method to spread small branches on a property at specific densities to allow for natural decay. After a season, all the leaves and needs of scattered branches will have fallen off and the water dissipated from the branches. The remaining branches can then be collected with much less effort and disposed of by either chipping or haul off to slash collection stations. Kozar Tree Werks can manage your slash with a lop and scatter plan and even share the work with homeowners to minimize cost.

Slash Removal

In cases where broadcast chipping on homeowner property is not an option, Kozar Tree Werks can chip and haul off all slash. During slash collection season, Kozar Tree Werks can move slash piles to your property roadside for local pickup or haul off to local municipal stations. We can even help you coordinate with your HOA and abide by annual slash collection pile count and size and document any overages and resulting fees.

HOA Partnership

Kozar Tree Werks helps local HOAs and organizations manage seasonal slash collection programs. We can develop programs that meet the needs of each organization and even setup stations within your community and work with volunteers to receive and process slash. Whether it be slash volume management or cost sharing, Kozar Tree Werks can help tailor a program to meet your organization’s needs.

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