Stump Removal Services

You want that stump gone? Consider it done! Kozar Tree Werks can remove your stumps in a variety of ways from low
impact grinding to high impact pulling. We will consult with you to determine the best method for your situation.

Low Impact – Stump Grinding

Kozar Tree Werks employs traditional grinding methods to take any stump down to at or just below existing grade.
Stump grinding is the best method for tight spaces at residential homes. Although there is some cleanup involved with
stump grinding, the impact to neighboring soils is minimal. The drawbacks to stump grinding is cleanup, noise and
stumps are not completely removed. Furthermore, grinding might be limited to any adjacent obstacles such as rocks or

Medium Impact – Stump Planing

Stump planing is a less common approach to stump removal. It involves a skid steer driven auger with special heavy
duty planing blades. The planer is designed to shave the stump down in layers, creating much less noise and flying
debris. Most of the time, once the stump has been planed down below the soil grade, the remaining roots and tree
structure are easily removed. The drawback to stump planing is access required to mobilize a skid steer to the stump
location might be limited and the ground conditions and subsequent disturbance to adjacent soil might not be a good fit.
Lastly, there is moderate damage to soil adjacent to the stump location due to the disturbance and removal of stump
debris. However, with a little back filling and light grading, most stump locations can be returned to walkable grade

Heavy Impact – Stump Pulling

Without a doubt, the quickest way to remove a stump is to pull it out. It is not the easiest and requires plenty of room,
however with the correct equipment it can be done very effectively. Kozar Tree Werks utilizes our own heavy duty mini-
excavator and skid steers to pull out small to medium sized stumps in one pull. If the stump is larger, we might enlist the
help of our skid steer planers to work the stump down into smaller pieces to allow us to then remove via pulling. Stump
pulling can be extremely invasive to neighboring soils, therefore this application is best suited for large lots or small lot

Stump Removal Cleanup

No matter the impact to your stump removal, Kozar Tree Werks will take great care in returning your adjacent soil to a
walkable grade. We will also ensure all debris is removed from your property as requested.
Slash Removal
In additional to tree removal and stump grinding, Kozar Tree Werks offers a variety of ways to address slash on your
property. Read our slash removal page for more information on slash removal.

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