Fire Mitigation Services

Proper wildfire mitigation around your home and land involves a holistic approach to preparing your structures and surrounding land to hinder the spread of fire.  Each activity is interlinked with another to provide a total defense approach and ensure you and your neighbors have the best chance to survive a wildfire.

Home Assessment

The starting point for wildfire defense is to understand where your home and land need attention.  From removing fuels adjacent to your home, to thinning of extended zones and making your driveway accessible, all the factors that make your home vulnerable need to be evaluated against published standards.

Defensible Space

Your home is as strong as its ability to defend against flying embers, surface fires or encroaching crown fires.  Well managed defensible space is the key to protecting your land and limiting the spread of wildfires.

Fire Breaks & Shaded Fuel Breaks

The fundamental aspects of defensible space are fire breaks and shaded fuel breaks.  Understanding the mechanics of each and their combined interaction is key to successful defensible space.  Fire and Fuel breaks can be employed in other areas of your property such as driveways.