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Kozar Tree Werks is a full service tree management and fire mitigation company serving Colorado and neighboring states. We offer a range in services from basic to complex. Kozar Tree Werks can service your trees by pruning and helping you establish a tree management plan. We can also help you remove dangerous limbs or remove trees altogether. If you are looking for more complex tree care such as fire mitigation, forestry management plans or disease assessment, Kozar Tree Werks can help. We have an experience staff with over 40 years in forestry management and tree service.

Kozar Tree Werks serves Evergreen and the following mountain communities with tree and fire mitigation services:

  • Evergreen

  • Conifer

  • Genesee

  • Bailey

  • Idledale

  • Indian Hills

  • Kittredge

  • Marshdale

  • Morrison

  • Pine

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