Community Involvement

Kozar Tree Werks is proud to call Evergreen Colorado our home.  We take great pride in our local community and want to be a part of its protection, for your children and ours.  It’s because of this that we are active in local organizations that have demonstrated interest and activation in fire mitigation efforts in our community.  

Mountain Metro Association of Realtors (MMAR)

Kozar Tree Werks is a proud member of MMAR.  One of the core tenants of MMAR is to help our members better serve the public through education.  This education and advocacy by MMAR enables members to successfully and ethically conduct their business.  MMAR has a various focus committees including its wildfire committee that works with state and local departments to bring awareness of the fire dangers that exists in our mountain communities, with an emphasis on creating defensible space, and assessment and mitigation of potential hazard areas. Classes and programs, including MMAR’s CMAS (Certified Mountain Area Specialist) designation’s CMAS Wildfire class, are taught on a regular basis to educate MMAR members, as well as members of the foothills communities. Co-Chairs – John Putt and Cathie Nicholson  “What’s Happening”  Please also refer to, as an excellent additional resource.

Evergreen Rotary

Rotary’s mission is to: “Provide service to others, promote integrity, and advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through our fellowship of business, professional, and community leaders”.  This mission transcribes to a vision of “Together, we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change — across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves”. Kozar Tree Werks couldn’t be more like Rotary. We understand that the health of our forest and trees translates to the health of our community.  Trees aren’t simply an aesthetic mass around us, they are a key symbiotic relationship.  Their management is key to our survival and thus we are a member of our local Rotary club that developed Rotary Wildfire Ready, a first of its kind wildfire education and preparedness initiative that has gained tremendous publicity and attention as a best-in-class community action program.

Evergreen Chamber of Commerce

Evergreen Chamber is a great resource for both the community residence and its business partners.  Evergreen Chamber understands through its mission; “to grow the local economy by building business and relationships, promoting the community and representing local concerns with our county government” that the core of all action is community.  Like Evergreen Chamber, Kozar Tree Werks starts with a foundation on community and builds on it with action and education.  Many times, we find a neighbor with simple questions, looking for a bit of insight.  These are our favorite calls.  Educated and motivated neighbors are how we are going to be strong and defend against the threat of wildfire and eclipse the overprotective ways of our past that have led to forest neglect and dangerous buildup.

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