About Kozar Tree Werks

Kozar Tree Werks is an Evergreen Colorado based full-service tree management company specializing in fire mitigation in mountain communities and hard to reach areas. Our leadership team has over 40 years of forest management experience in Colorado and Florida. We work with a range of customers, from residential homeowners removing limbs and trees to large vacant land owners mitigating multiple acres to satisfy forestry management plans and establish tax certifications. Our team also has years of experience using heavy equipment in Colorado’s tough mountain terrain. Our unique equipment fleet of chipping skid steers, grappled excavators and UTVs allow us to mobilize on steep terrain and either clear, chip and process timber on-site or remove to a secure location to process. Kozar Tree Werks is a company with deep social and community commitment with Colorado’s front range, specifically those communities local to Evergreen. We are active in community fire mitigation activities as part of our membership with MMAR and local fire departments as well as HOAs, such as Soda Creek HOA’s Fire Mitigation Committee.

Kozar Tree Werks

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